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To be competitive in todayís marketplace, software organizations need a baseline upon which to plan process improvement and measure progress. Change activity is too often characterized by an imperfect understanding of the current system, an inability to accurately estimate level of effort and cost, difficulty in making changes to an operating system and other factors. Software systems need to evolve to adapt to these and other environmental changes.

MPSI has helped our clients to:

  • Establish a process improvement baseline
  • Assess and track improvement progress
  • Achieve process institutionalization
  • Strengthen knowledge through mentoring and training

We help develop customized systems and software processes. In doing so, we identify and develop the following:

  • Requirements for engineering and management services to help you define and manage system and software requirements
  • Quality assurance processes and services to help you define, develop and implement a Quality Assurance capability
  • Configuration management processes to help you define, develop and implement a Configuration Management capability
  • Information and data modeling services to help you define, develop, and implement information systems
  • Models to help you define, develop, implement, and measure engineering and business processes
  • Systems engineering processes to help you define and manage the system architectural requirements

Organizational Development and Change Management

When defining a new initiative for process improvement, most clients ask: "Where do we start?"

MPSI understands the importance of teaming with client organizations in order to drive change objectives from the inside. We help you identify and define your organizational goals, analyze requirements, develop planning strategies, assess skill sets, and provide your staff with the knowledge and tools needed to implement your organizationís process improvement program.

Our change management methods include:

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Executive and Management Coaching

Complex Program Management

Are your large system development programs well planned, integrated, and completed successfully?

Todayís sophisticated client organizations demand quality, compatibility with organizational culture, compliance with recognized standards, improved cost estimation and control, sustainable performance, and faster cycle time.

MPSI's staff has extensive experience managing large, complex programs comprising major subsystems and geographically dispersed development organizations, typically for life-critical, real-time applications.

Program management, project management, risk assessment, program assessment, risk management, and capability maturity models are some of the modern methods and techniques we can help you employ.

Our Comprehensive Program Management methods and techniques include:

  • Requirements Management
  • Process Measurement
  • Project Planning, Monitor and Control
  • Risk Management and Assessment
  • Resource Management
  • Quality Assurance and Verification and Validation
  • Configuration Management
  • Estimation and Measurement
  • Effective Communications


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