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Software Engineering Training | Process Solutions

MPSI is an industry leader specializing in business and technical solutions including staff augmentation; systems, software engineering, and process engineering; process improvement; and software engineering training.

With decades of system development experience encompassing a broad spectrum of applications, MPSI developed a proprietary approach to process solution improvement which is a uniquely successful approach. Our Systems Approach to Process Improvement (SAPI) integrates people, processes, and technology to develop an organizationís information infrastructure and improve its productivity, profitability, cycle time, and quality. SAPI has proven effective in today's budget-constrained, fast time-to-market world of information technology. This proprietary approach is compatible with the SEI Capability Maturity Models, IPIL, and ISO standards. MPSI uses SAPI in many engagements with clients.

Staff Augmentation | Systems Engineering

Our staff of professionals knows how to build partnerships that support your business objectives. We use a collaborative approach, helping you determine your specific needs through assessments, and requirements elicitation techniques. We tailor our products and services to fit those requirements. A product is only as good as the process used to build it, and we continuously strive to improve our processes, as well as yours.

Each member of the MPSI technical staff has, on average, more than 20 years of experience in systems engineering, software engineering, and project management. This staff includes highly skilled managers, process engineers, consultants, training specialists, and SEI-authorized lead appraisers. We have led the way in applying the Software, Systems Engineering, Services, and Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Models to the practical needs of government and commercial concerns, both large and small.

CMMI Training | Martin Process Solutions

Our staff of SEI-Authorized Lead Appraisers directs MPSIís Appraisal Capabilities and have collectively performed over 300 formal appraisals, assessments, and evaluations including:

  • Standard CMMI Approach for Internal Process Improvement(SCAMPI)
  • CMM-Based Appraisals for Internal Process Improvement (CBA IPI)
  • CMM-Based Appraisals for Software Capability Evaluation (CBA SCE)
  • Software Process Assessments (SPA) and Software Capability Evaluations (SCE).

We also use less formal approaches, tailored to organizational needs including:

  • Skills Assessments
  • Gap Analysis
  • Needs Analysis

Our process change techniques include:

  • Maturity Model-based Assessment
  • Best Practices Benchmarking
  • Process Improvement Planning
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Technical Training
  • Templates, Tools, and Work-Aids
  • Process Piloting
  • Phased Roll-out

Our clients represent a broad cross-section of industries, including telecommunications, internet and corporate services providers, financial, and state government agencies just to name a few. MPSI has helped them find answers to their process improvement questions by tailoring our methodology to fit each organizationís culture. By using the same methods, we can work with your organization to help you realize the benefits of the Systems Approach to Process Improvement.

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