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CMMI training
CMMI Training | CMMI Implementation


CMMI Training and Scampi Appraisals

MPSI is an industry leader specializing in business and technical solutions including staff augmentation; systems, software, and process engineering; process improvement, scampi appraisals and CMMI training.

Our collaborative product and service offerings include staff augmentation, process modeling, strategic systems planning and engineering, and software process improvement. These business process solutions are designed to help you find the answers to your organization's business needs.

In a challenging global marketplace, organizations realize that technological evolution of products and services is necessary for long-term success. Customers today are business savvy. They demand improved quality and service at competitive prices. Our experience and ability to create processes that are quality and morph with your business needs at a competitive price is what makes us unique. Our experience helps us to improve your processes while making informed automation choices for your company. We offer products, services and specialize in CMMI training and scampi appraisals. Give us a call today to learn more 512-415-9449

CMMI Training | Martin Process Solutions

The modern business world poses unique challenges, particularly those of developing effective and adaptive processes for your business. Our CMMI training workshops and courses along with scampi appraisals are just some of the many ways we help you in meeting your goals.

Process Solution Improvements

Our staff of professionals knows how to build partnerships that support your business objectives. We use a collaborative approach, helping you determine your specific needs through scampi appraisals and requirements elicitation techniques. We tailor our products and services to fit those requirements. A product is only as good as the process used to build it, and we continuously strive to improve our processes, as well as yours.

Each member of the MPSI technical staff has, on average, more than 20 years of experience in systems engineering, software engineering, and project management. This staff includes highly skilled managers, process engineers, consultants, training specialists, and SEI-authorized lead appraisers. We have led the way in applying the Software, Systems Engineering, Services, and Software Acquisition Capability Maturity Models to the practical needs of government and commercial concerns, both large and small. Process Soltution Improvements

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